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A little bit of History!

1962 - Havaianas is launched in 1962, inspired by the traditional Japanese sandal, Zori. The fabric straps and straw rice sole receive a rubber updated look, more durable and soft, and the rice texture on the sole is inspired by the original straw rice material. The name Havaianas is a reference to Hawaii, that was portrayed as the dream place of the 60’s by Hollywood.
1964 - Havaianas starts to be sold in every city of Brazil by travelling salesman. When the Havaianas Kombi Van arrives, the whole city stops to listen to the big city stories and buy their Havaianas. In 1964, almost every worker in the country has a pair of Havaianas.
1969 - Until 1969, only the traditional blue and white style existed. A production mistake resulted in green Havaianas, which ends up being released to the market. The big surprise is that it is a success and people just love it! Havaianas get inspired and start to manufacture other colours like copper, yellow and black. 
1970 - The 70s were marked by the freedom and Peace & Love atmosphere. The idea of a life free from excesses puts Havaianas in fashion. In Brazil, the youth and the more politized embraced both the trend and Havaianas.
1973 - Good products are often copied. To protect the brand from falsification, Havaianas launches the slogan “Be careful with “fajutas” (copies). Legitimate, only Havaianas. They don’t deform, its straps don’t come out and they don’t smell”. The term “fajutas” is a massive hit and is introduced to the Brazilian Dictionary Aurelio, meaning fake product and bad quality.

1980 - In the 80s, Havaianas is included on the Brazilian’s life fundamental product list created by the Brazilian government. Havaianas is now as basic as the Brazilian’s everyday rice and beans.
1994 - Havaianas investigates who actually wears their products and discovers that, among anonymous and famous, everyone is wearing their thongs. 
1995 - In 1995, Havaianas Floral with hibiscus flowers is launched, the first of uncountable prints to come. At the same time, other ranges such as Fit and Baby are created. 
1996 - The 90s are the “Big Decade” for Havaianas. Brazilians start to “customize” their pairs, by flipping the sole upside-down to have a monocolor style. Havaianas understands the trend and creates the style “Top”. Today it’s more than 15 colours that... everyone wears.
1997 - Brazilian supermodels, singers and soccer players are in the global radar. By habit, a lot of them wears Havaianas and it shows in the pictures paparazzi take of them. The internet helps spread the trend - and the whole world starts looking for the legitimate Havaianas to wear.
1998 - “Havaianas Copa” is launched for the 1998 World Cup, with a little Brazilian flag on the strap. Even though Brazil doesn’t win the championship, with the global success of the style, Havaianas decides to rename it “Havaianas Brazil” and keep in the range – today it is one of the best sellers.

1999 – Havaianas starts flirting with the fashion world, featuring in Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion show. After that, it takes part in several designer shows, as part of the success of Brazilian fashion in the world. 
2000 - The celebrate the most expected New Years Eve of 2000, Havaianas creates the “Glow in the Dark” style. 
2001 - The Havaianas Special Collection is created: the new range is designed with Swarovski crystals and fancy details, applied by hand by the famous artisans from the northwest of Brazil. 
2003 – Havaianas change the concept Philippines had about thongs being made only for the beach. Today the brand means fun, fashion and causality. Havaianas is a big hit in the country. 
2004 - Diamonds are eternal, so are Havaianas. In 2004 a special edition is launched with 18k gold finishing and diamonds, in a partnership with H.Stern.
2005 - Students from traditional schools in Sao Paulo, Brazil, organize a protest to have the right to wear Havaianas to school. Today, some offices call Friday “Havaianas Day,” a Brazilian version of the Casual Friday. 

2006 - Havaianas Slim is created, to also offer women a more delicate option. With slimmer straps, it’s was a hit within the most exigent public and it is still a brand’s icon today.
2007 - The Taiwanese find it almost impossible to pronounce the word “Havaianas”, but this isn’t a problem when the product reaches their market. They understand it straight away and start to wear it.  
2008 - Havaianas opens an office in Spain. Today the brand also has offices in Portugal, France, England, Italy and Germany. 
2009 - As a way to help preserve the biodiversity of the Brazilian ocean, Havaianas partners with “ONG - Conservação Internacional”, supporting projects to protect the Abrolhos’s archipelago. 7% of the sales of the exclusive project sandals is reverted to the NGO.

2010 - The tropical climate in Brazil allows for Havaianas to be worn in all seasons. To allow them to also be worn all year in other countries, a range of espadrilles and casual sneakers with the soul of Havaianas is created. The new range, called ”Soul Collection” has the iconic Havaianas rubber soles and is launched in Europe. The success reaches Brazil the following year and today the collection has dozens of styles. 

2011 - Havaianas partners with Disney for exclusive styles with characters from this magic world.

2012 - Havaianas celebrates its 50 years’ anniversary! A commemorative edition is launched and the sales are reverted to UNICEF projects.

2013 - Once more, Havaianas innovates and launches the “Flat” range. Modern, delicate and with a feminine design, they bring comfort to leisure time. 

2014 - Inspired by the joy and Brazilian way to be, Havaianas launches their first clothing collection with light and casual design with vibrant colours for the summer.

2015 - The rainy days become more colourful with the Havaianas gumboots launch, made of rubber and with the fun spirit from the legitimate of Havaianas. 

2016 - Havaianas, that started their history on the Brazilian foot, now gets to the head of people accross the globe. The first sunglasses collection is launched.